January 23, 2009#

Still in shock!

FSX_Cover I probably shouldn’t have given Microsoft that much credit in yesterday’s post. What I’ve just learned nearly gave me a heart attack. Microsoft is canceling Flight Simulator. This may not be very tragic news from a general user’s point of view and doesn’t really change anything I wrote about Microsoft’s change yesterday, but from a very personal view this is probably the worst thing Microsoft could ever do. Microsoft Flight Simulator is probably the best simulation game out there and unfortunately it’s not like there’s many replacements I could go to now. So I’m really sad to here that this Flight Simulator X DVD box I bought more than two years ago is probably the last one I’ll have ever bought.

January 23, 2009#

Is that really you, Microsoft?

“Change is the only constant.” I think it was Einstein who once said that. I also think it was Microsoft who tried to prove him wrong over the last years by constantly looking the other side whenever users did complain about their operating system. The ultimate proof I guess was Windows Vista. I don’t really hate it as much as most other people out there and I’m actually quite fine with it, but it took Microsoft way too long to get it released, the update, version and compatibility lists were way to complicated, it took them months after the initial release to get the system really stable and usable and finally, it’s hard to neglect the fact that Vista’s needs regarding memory, hard disk access and CPU load are quite a bit over the top, which is especially problematic for notebooks or even more netbooks. While I’m still quite ok with Vista though not particularly fond of it, I can absolutely understand everyone sticking with Windows XP for the time being. Microsoft never really admitted that Vista might have been a mistake, but obviously they must have taken note of that. Otherwise it’s inexplicable how they come to do so perfect with their next operating system, Windows 7. Continue Reading

January 22, 2009#

It’s been a while…

logo3[1]since I wrote my last blog post here. The date of my last post tells me, that it’s been almost exactly six months. Quite some time! That’s why I’d like to clarify a few things to hopefully prevent some of the emails I get asking about THE STATE OF FSXGET.

I’ve been quite busy writing my master thesis over the last months. That’s basically why neither my blog nor the FSXGET project did receive much attention. Since the other developers on FSXGET are currently inactive, too, the application didn’t receive any updates at all. But YES, I’m definitely planning on continuing and updating the tool. I’m still facing my final exams, so don’t expect any news on the project before the middle of the year, but rest assured the project isn’t dead.

By the way: I’d be happy to have some people taking part in the job, helping to push forward the project. So if you’re interested and have some programming skills, don’t hesitate to mention that! ;-)