January 29, 2008#


Anyone remember the wikiscanner, a tool cross-referencing IP ranges known to belong to a certain company with IP addresses of Wikipedia article edits, thus exposing which companies have edited their own Wikipedia entries (and what they’ve edited)?

I did really like this project unlike most politicians, governments and companies exposed by the tool I guess. Anyway, it’s time for Vol. 2! Books that make you dumb!

It’s from the same author again, this time cross-referencing colleges’ students’ average SAT scores with colleges’ most read books lists on Facebook and there you go. You’ll be able to tell what clever guys read and what dumb people read ;)


Of course, one can argue about any causality in this and apparently not too few people were quite willing to do so as the author states on his website but there’s actually not a single word on his website blaming any of those books for dumbness or cleverness of its readers. Just consider it a fun thing and enjoy reading through the list!