January 18, 2008#

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

No, that’s not gonna be some ‘you should use Firefox because it’s better and faster and safer and…’-article. In fact, I don’t even like seeing those words on official or semi-official Firefox banners. I’ve been an IE user for years until five years ago I switched to Firefox and fell in love with it. I definitely prefer Firefox over IE but for various reasons and with ‘faster’ and ‘safer’ NOT being among them. Basically I just like it for the many extensions there are and a few details I really enjoy.

Anyway, few days ago, I came across an icon while surfing the web, which I just wanted to show.


Though it might look this way, I just want to point out: I really don’t have any problem with IE. It’s a nice piece of software, too, and who ever likes it is free to do so! However, I like the idea of that icon! Close to the official one at first sight but with that but with those pearly white little details… ehh… and that blue ‘e’ ;-)  Just a creative, nice piece of art!

Oh… and by the way, that’s the usual icon you see on the web (with a little less salt and pepper):