April 29, 2008#

Outlook 2007: Auto-assign categories on outgoing replies and forwards based on original message

Are you a hardcore user of Outlook 2007′s new color categories feature? Maybe even using it instead of folders and maintaining a single giant inbox using color categories as I do? Then you’re probably as annoyed as I am by the fact that Outlook can’t be taught to label replies and forwards to received message with the same labels / categories as the original message. Not even that Outlook can’t do this automatically, you can’t even do it manually in an efficient way as Outlook doesn’t offer any category button in the ribbon for replies and forwards. You can of course always type your reply, hit send and go to the ‘Sent Items’ folder afterwards to categorize your message but that’s soooooo inefficient and annoying!


Long speech, short conclusion: Here’s the solution!

  1. Add a new DWORD type registry key using regedit.exe at the following location:
  2. Name it “SendPersonalCategories” and set its value to “0×00000001” (1).
  3. Restart Outlook!

That’s it! Now Outlook will tag replies and forwards with the same categories as the message you’re replying to.

Thanks to the guys at http://www.tutorials-win.com for the hint!