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There are two versions of this app: DIX Dictionary and DIX Dictionary (Rapid Release). The first one is available in the official app catalog, thus has to be reviewd by Palm every time an update is submitted. The second version is available through Palm’s web distribution program which allows for quick and immediate updates without any review process.

Bottom line: Get DIX Dictionary if you want an app tested and checked by Palm before it is published. Get DIX Dictionary (Rapid Release) if you want quick and frequent updates and always have the latest features.

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icon64 DIX Dictionary brings the power of the popular DIX German-English-Spanish dictionary (http://dix.osola.com, http://www.dictionary-spanish.info and http://www.dictionary-german.info) right to your Palm. It is kept very clean and simple. Just launch it, start typing a word and hit enter to see its translation. Apart from the search button, there are only two more buttons, one to switch between languages and another one to access a history of your recent searches, just in case you need to see a word for a second a time.

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  1. Totally agree with you. I have the same opinion

  2. Hi Juergentreml,
    On a similar note,, A writer is sitting at his desk trying to work on an article that is due tomorrow. He knows what he wants to say, but he just can not seem to put it into words. He decides to pull out his trusty thesaurus to try to find the right words to convey his message. The writer finds some words that he thinks will fit perfectly into his article, but he is not sure, because they are outside his vocabulary. The writer consults his dictionary to make sure that the words he has found actually describe the meaning he is trying to convey. After consulting his most important tools, the writer completes his article, and is very happy with his finished product, and so is his editor.
    Great Job!

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