Matterhorn 3D

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The three-dimensional view of the Matterhorn was (part of) an assessment for a practical course called Graphikprogrammierung in C++. This courses’ purpose was to gain basic knowledge in 3D programming using C++ and OpenGL as a preparation for a final assessment which would make use of all these techniques.

In detail, the task was to write a simple skiing game. A user-controlled skier as well as ten AI skiers should be able to go down a mountain. Besides a race, a mode for freestyle and slalom skiing should also be implemented. Collisions should be possible, too, but AI players of course should be intelligent enough to avoiding them. Nice looking terrain and snowfall with the influence of wind were another requirement.

The final solution of one of the teams is available for download on the courses’ site.


The following screenshots have been taken during development phase and therefore show up with missing or non-final textures.


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  1. Hello,
    I would like to create a small sculpture of the Matterhorn from Layers. Do you Know How is it possible to create it?
    (I bought a topographic map that didn`t help).
    thank u very much,

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