January 19, 2010#

QR deCODEr for Palm webOS now available

PalmPre_FrontClosedCalendar.tif2_ Here we go! My first webOS app for the Palm Pre & Pixi is online. It’s a simple application for decoding so called QR Codes (special type of 2D barcode). Once decoding is done, results are nicely displayed on your phone and you can follow any link, dial any phone number or send a text message contained in the bar code by just tapping the according link, icon or phone number.

Click here to go to the apps web site and make sure your read the short manual here which explains the types of barcodes supported and how to use the application.

The app is currently available via Palm’s web distribution program here while awaiting approval for the on-device app catalog.


  1. I’m impatient to download the app.
    Very useful

  2. Great app, thanks! An excellent contribution to the pre app store.

    As a suggestion for further releases: it would be great if the app offered to add vcards directly to the palm address book. Right now, the app sends them as a plain text email which is too complicated for my taste.

    • Opening something as a plain text email is what the app does with every text or format that it doesn’t support.

      vCard, bizcard and mecard support will be added within the next two weeks though.

  3. That’s great news. Thanks. I’m looking forward to that next release then :-)

  4. Small bug report — try snapping a QR code from the web page at http://www.cyrket.com/p/palm/com.inspiringapps.wumpus/. It decoded fine on the device, but the URL link in the “decoded content” part was split into two links: “http://cyrket.com/qr/” and “9545″.

    Note, if I tapped on the globe icon, it seemed to work, so it’s probably just a text engine issue.

    • Thanks for the effort of reporting this. In fact, this bug is already fixed… there are two versions of QR deCODEr:

      The official QR deCODEr app in the app catalog and a semi-official app called QR deCODEr (Rapid Release) being distributed via Palm’s Web Distribution program. The first one has to go through Palm’s review process everytime an updated versions is submitted, which is why it may take several days up to weeks until bug fixes appear for this version. The second version receives almost instant updates and has the specific bug you described already fixed (for about two weeks now).

      You can either download the Rapid Release version via this link (http://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=de.juergentreml.preqr-web) or wait a few more days for the same, updated version to appear on the official app catalog.

  5. after seeing a lifehacker article on using QR to help study I found your app and absolutely LOVE it! thanks for the help :) you rock dude!

  6. Ich habe mit der App sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht – leider startet sie unter webOS 2.1 nicht mehr und zeigt stattdessen lediglich den Mond an. Sowohl in der Beta- als auch der finalen Version

    Über einen Bugfix würde ich mich an der Stelle sehr freuen.

  7. Schließe mich Oliver an: wäre prima, wenn die App auf dem Pre3 starten könnte.



  8. why in my country italy doesn’t available in palm catalog? Can something help me, please? Thanks in advance

  9. Hi Juergen, is it possible to submit this app to the New Zealand/Australian app catalog? I really like this app, I used to use it on my Pre but I no longer use the US catalog :-)

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